Snowkite camp 8 days / 7 nights

Snowkiting with professionals

We make snowkite trips since 2008 and know how to make it the best way. SNOWKITEWORLD – is the easiest and the most pleasant way to learn Snowkiting

Snowkiting is easy!

We will teach you to snowkite at the best winter kitespot of Russia – white snowy tundra of Colsky peninsula at the coast of Arctic ocean. Perfect wind and snow conditions and comfortable air temperature of -7° in average.

Professional team

If you are the beginner in snowkiting, the best way to learn it is the snowkitecamp with professionals.

It’s easy!

We will help you to book airplane tickets, meet you at the airport, advise you how to spend several days in Moscow should you wish to combine sport with sightseeing. Feel free to call us if you’ve got any questions.

It’s comfortable!

The camp includes: accommodation at the hotel in Murmansk, three-time meals, transfers, kite lessons and kite rental. The hotel is located next to the ski resort, Murmansk city with restaurants, shops and other facilities and the airport of Murmansk.

Unforgettable places

Every day of the camp is unique – maximum quantity of kitespots at your disposal. Each spot offers perfect conditions for beginners and variable landscape to delight advanced riders.

7 kite spots

You will discover the beauty of tundra from inside. Beauty, adrenalin, calmness, diversity, sense of peace, admiration altogether at one place, at one moment with new friends.

Arctic ocean

You will see the severe strength and beauty of Arctic ocean, and take home exclusive photos from the north beach of popular village Teriberka.

Abundant military bases

You will ride amid artifacts of the Cold War with amazing view of tundra.

Snowkite videos

Find more video about our snowkite camps at our Youtube channel


We do what we love to do.

All inclusive

You will not bother about anything for 8 days. The camp includes accommodation, meals, transfers, kite rental and lessons.


SnowKiteWorld base is located in Murmansk city at the ski resort in 20 km from the airport. There are standard and deluxe rooms with all facilities.

The best location

We do not depend on the weather. The Eastern road to Teriberca may be closed for several days in case of a big snowfall. Kiters may miss riding days or their return flight. Our guests do not have these problems. In such case we will choose spots on the West of Murmansk. You will not become a tundra hostage, will not miss the beginning of the camp or your return flight.

Not only snowkiting

We offer the following excursions: Atomic ice-breaker ship Lenin, oceanarium, polar lights in tundra, north cuisine, the best restaurants of Murmansk, night riding at the ski resort of Murmansk and aqua park.


Camp dates for 2019
01.03.2019 - 09.03.2019
09.03.2019 - 16.03.2019

16.03.2019 - 123.03.2019
23.03.2019 - 30.03.2019

30.03.2019 - 06.04.2019

Slingshot PROtour Snowkiteworld

Camp dates 24.02.2018 – 03.03.2018 KiteCamp is organized together with Slingshot, a leading manufacturer in Kiteboarding. All riders will be offered a unique opportunity to test a wide range of kiteboarding equipment.


Maximum comfort for our guests at rooms with all facilities and tree-time meals.

Standard rooms and Deluxe rooms

(upgrade to deluxe for 85 eur person for week)

Snowkiting equipment

Necessary equipment

Ski suit it preferable. In our shop we have a great choice of suits COOL ZONE SNOWBOARD that will provide you with comfort while learning or riding.

You will also need: Thermal underwear, Helmet, Snow goggles, Face mask, Gloves, Sowboard/ski boots

The boots must be very comfortable, that is why we recommend to have it your own.

Twin snowboard (symmetrical board) for example Snowkiteboard Nobile NHP Snowkite 2018 or mountain ski. Freeride ski is the best choice, however all-mountain ski will also do.

Which size of the kite to choose?

Despite we offer the free kite rental, you may take your own kites. For winter riding you may take both, balloon kites like Griffin or parafoils like GIN ESKIMO. It’s better to have 2 kites, a middle-size kite of 8 or 9 sq. m. and a big-size kite of 12 or 14 sq. m.


You can buy all necessary equipment for snowkiting at the biggest Russian kiteshop with personal discount as the participant of SnowKiteWorld. Our assistants will gladly help you with your choice.

Kite cams. Winter/summer kiteschool Kiteworld.

Kiteworldschool is not only the winter camps Snowkiteworld in Murmansk, but also snowkiting lessons in Moscow, summer kiteschool in Russian kiting Mekka at Kite station Kiteworld in Anapa, Blagoveschenskaya village and kite-safaries in the Red sea in Egypt.

With professional kiteworld team you will get an unforgettable vacation and enjoy kitesurfing at any season!

Kiteworld team


Denis Muzalevsky

Kiteguru and the founder of Kiteworld group of companies. A kiteboarder since 2003. The Russian 2013 Snowkite-cup winner. Beeline 2014 Kitecamp awardee. The author of numerous articles about kites and kiteboarding.



Sergey Kishenkov

A kiteboarder and snowkiter since 2008. The awardee of Snowkitegames. Sergey is a greedy asshole but it will take him only 2-4 hours to tech you snowkiting from scrach. He makes such tricks like Blind, Rally, Backroll and various Grabs.



Anatoly Poloziukov

A kiteboarder since 2013. Anatoly makes such tricks like Rally, Backroll, Frontroll, Unhooked trick and various Grabs.



Olga Izyumova

A kiteboarder since 2011. Olga rides twin tip board, direction board and hydrofoil. Olga makes such tricks like Rally, Backroll, Frontroll, Dark slide, Kiteloops, Unhooked jumps and various Grabs.



Katerina Muzalevskaya

Kiteworld school Manager






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Olya Lenchuk, March 2017

"I'll take you away to tundra" (words from famous Russian song, - translator's note). You fall into euphoria from the moment when you look out the airplane's window and see the snow-white landscape. Murmansk is an industrial town, it of course gives a strange sense. But as only you get to the endless space of tundra everything changes inside of you. Every second of riding you fell happiness given by beauty, wind and freedom. I had such thoughts in my mind: "Wow, why I've never been here, this's the best place, it's so cool here." You can do everything here, and this variety makes it even more interesting, you can go for a trip for half of the day along the tundra or jump wake-style or learn to ride unhooked, or climb the mountain and enjoy 5-meter flights (although it feels like you hover somewhere in the sky), or learn to jump with transition, or get to the abandoned base with bunker and barbed wire and you are taken to jump from roofs... And that mesmerizing Barentsovo sea, snowy mountains, stony beach when you see in the distance the flat water bathed in sunlight... And what about the polar lights? You look at the sky where the unseen artist paints the emerald-green weave among stars. My heart stopped beating every mili-second of our trip and screamed "don't go too far". So tundra is such a thing, thanks to super instructor Sergey Kishenkov who taught us patiently and helped and was always in a positive mood... and always made me do some interesting and odd things. At some moments it seemed to me that he wanted to get rid of me. Of course the team has made that special atmosphere.

Yulia Nevzorova March 2017

It was cool, snowkiting week camp in Murmansk region! Yes, sometimes it was cold! Yes, in evenings my legs ached (because of walking in powder snow in tundra)! Yes, in tundra there are no toilets (girls suffered more)! But, jeez, it was well worth it! Atmosphere, friendly team, unique beauty of our nature and the snowkiting, of course. Very cool, I recommend it everyone, at least once! As it's said "the wind, just do it!" (Sounds in Russian like "the wind just blows", - translator's note).